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In addition to beauty and ease of upkeep, the health benefits and eco-friendliness are also big factors driving homeowners to look at PolishedCrete as a top flooring option. Because polished concrete has a very dense finished surface, it inhibits the collection of dirt and dust which can be trapped in carpet and become airborne along with allergens and other pollutants. Polished concrete “breathes” allowing moisture to escape naturally. Low cost due to no other materials being needed–the slab is the flooring, results in reduced cost.


The PolishedCrete Commercial solution has been developed and refined since its launch in 2000 and has been used in millions of square feet of decorative and industrial concrete floors around the San Francisco Bay Area. As a result, PolishedCrete can provide a polished concrete flooring product with optimized properties and predicable performance every time.

All of the points listed below apply to polished concrete for commercial and industrial facilities plus, the look of polished concrete provides a clean and professional image in any business environment without sacrificing its durability and longevity. This gives the businesses or organization not only a fresh and modern appeal but also a foundation that is consistent and reliable for both employees and customers.


PolishedCrete has been a preferred flooring solution for architects due to its predicable performance but also the endless variety of decorative options available. Whether it’s an existing slab or a new pour, PolishedCrete allows architects and designers unlimited options in colors, aggregates, saw cuts, metal inlays and much more…and it’s consistent across all aspects of a project. In addition to residential, PolishedCrete is appropriate to specify for commercial and industrial facilities including factories, offices, hotel lobbies, automotive shops, warehouses, etc.


Warehouses and manufacturing facilities need functional floors that are durable and don’t require a lot of maintenance.  Polished concrete is less abrasive so it’s easy on tires minimizing wear and tear on equipment and vehicles.  The low maintenance keep the facilities operational with zero down time.  The densification process will eliminate efflorescence dusting common to large facilities. Increase lighting from the polish reflectiveness creates a safer environment that is more energy efficient.

Why Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is vastly becoming “the go-to” flooring choice of architects, designers, corporations, small business and home owners, and the reasons are plenty.  Polished concrete is beautiful, functional, durable, environmentally friendly, low-maintenance, and the most cost-effective flooring option available.

The PolishedCrete Floor System

The most durable, resilient, long-lasting floor system in the industry 

Not all polished concrete floors are equal. It requires craftsmanship, a meticulous and proven process, state of the art equipment, and a great deal of dedication in order to produce a high quality polished floor.  The PolishedCrete Floor System was developed from over 50 years of experience in the concrete industry and a relentless pursuit of quality through a dedicated R&D division.  Our proven process; which incorporates state of the art machinery, the highest quality diamond tooling and treatment liquids, combined with the most highly skilled and highly trained installers is what creates a PolishedCrete Floor.

Our Services
New Installation

We have the largest fleet in the bay area with the capabilities to install the PolishedCrete flooring system for any size project, from 500 to 500,000 square feet (and more).  Additionally, through our parent company (Bay Area Concretes), we have the capabilities to pour and place the concrete entire substrate to be polished.  This ensures that your project will get the highest quality and exacting specification from placement to polish to achieve the desired outcome.


PolishedCrete offers our ReJuve Floor Service if your polished floor needs a full restoration cause by neglect or poor maintenance.  We can spruce up and bring back the luster and work with you to create a program to keep it that way.


Although polished concrete floors typically do not require constant maintenance, periodic maintenance is more efficient with the proper equipment.  We can take care of your periodic maintenance needs so you can stay focused on running your business.


No need to demo and replace your driveway or walkway.  Our proprietary Eco-Grind process can transform a weathered exterior concrete surface, such as a driveway or walkway, into a fresh, revitalized surface using our diamond-grind proprietary process. Although not as durable as a polished floor, a grind and seal is an economical solution for those functional concrete floors that just need some sprucing up.


Efflorescence dusting can wreak havoc on sensitive computers, electronic equipment, and warehouse inventory.  Residual calcium (free-lime) gets left over from the curing process and resides in the capillaries of the concrete.  When untreated, this calcium is constantly emitted into the air through movement and traffic on the concrete surface.  Through a treatment of densification, the calcium is bound and plasticized within the concrete preventing it from emitting into the air.

Clean and Seal

Post construction, driveway revitalization, warehouse refresh.  A clean and seal involves a deep cleaning of the concrete substrate through auto-scrubbing or pressure washing followed by an application of a water-based guard for stain protection.

Happy Clients

Conserving the earth’s natural resources and reducing the environmental impact of construction are huge endeavors that have taken on a global focus. Polished concrete is one of the most sustainable flooring options available.

  • Polished Concrete is the only renewable flooring option that can be recycled/renewed at the job site.
  • Polished Concrete eliminated the use of harmful VOC’s from other floor covering installations and maintenance chemicals.
  • Polished Concrete uses the thermal mass of concrete to reduce heating and cooling cost.
  • Polished Concrete increases ambient lighting by 30% due to a highly refined/reflected surface.

Furthermore, unlike most flooring products, there is almost no consumption of raw materials in the concrete polishing process. Unless the existing floor is deemed unacceptable for polishing and requires a topping system to be installed, the only product consumed is the water-based hardening and stain resistant treatments. The system does not introduce any products that need to be separated from the base concrete slab when the end of its life cycle has been reached making recycling of the structure more feasible.

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