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Office with Stain and Dye Added to the Polished Concrete Floor

Mike Price takes you into his office to show how an old warehouse floor has been stained and polished resulting in a beautiful concrete floor restoration in Califronia’s Bay Area.

This is a new office but it was an existing concrete floor about 30 years old. We decided that we wanted a motif here that was unique in character in that it was old and rustic. We refer to this a lot of times as an old world antiquated concrete floor.

We started by pulling the carpet off and we were left with carpet glue on top of concrete. The glue was scrapped off. Once we got the floor cleaned we discovered that the concrete had a lot of natural alligator cracking to it and some very irregular aggregates. When we have a old concrete floor like this, we can do some unique things with it.

In this case we employed a reactive stain on the concrete’s surface that created some very dark colors. I thought maybe this would look good in and of itself so we went ahead and densified  the concrete floor and polished it up to 800 grit level and put our flooring guards on top. At the end of the day It was a little too dark and not enough going on with it. We decided the next day to go ahead and take the surface back down with the diamonds grinding pads again. (You usually want to make that call before you put the densifier and guard down as you need to use more diamond pads on a floor where a densifier or concrete color hardener for that matter, has been used.)  

We brought the floor back down to a 80 grit (grit refers to the roughness of the diamond grinding pads). In the process we removed most of the stain, and all of the guard, and densifier. Next we applied a concrete dye which is more predictable in color. Stains are reactive (reacts to the elements in the concrete) so the colors are a little unpredictable. We went with a bronze color. That was placed on top and we polished it back up to 800 grit. Now, the floor looks ultra densified because essentially it has been ground and polished twice with lots of additives to the surface. From a nanotechnology standpoint that is a pretty dense floor. We were able to get a very high reflectivity level and a beautiful finish that actually showcases the reactive stain, all of the dark little alligator nooks and crannies, and shows the dye on top in the cement paste. At the end of the day, this is an exceptionally unique, one of a kind floor. That is what we can do with our PolishedCrete floor systems. That is what makes us different. We understand concrete from the inside out and we utilize all of our skills to come up with a unique architectural finish. Each job is different and this is a nice piece of art.

stained polished concrete floor

This polished concrete floor project can be viewed in Livermore in California’s  Bay Area

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