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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New Report Compares Various Flooring Options

Livermore, CA: 6 March 2014 – The 2014 Flooring Comparison Report was commissioned by PolishedCrete, a leading polished concrete flooring supplier and installer, to provide a side-by-side comparison of top flooring and floor covering options. The report is applicable to commercial, municipal, manufacturing, retail, hospital and residential flooring buyers. The report includes a useful self assessment tool to assess and compare the performance of various flooring options for the buyer’s specific circumstances.

The report notes that although carpet is, by far, the most common floor covering used in the United States (installed more than all other flooring solutions combined), there are many potentially harmful effects to humans. Carpet offgases chemicals into the air we breathe, but it is also the glue that is used to bind the carpet to the floor that giving off chemical gasses as well. If that isn’t bad enough, carpet also captures VOC (volatile organic gasses) that are emitted by pressed woods (walls & cabinets), paints, sealants, and even cleaners.

“Factoring in replacement costs, any long-term lifecycle cost or environmental lifecycle assessment puts carpet at the least desirable flooring solution,” noted Mike Doyle, CMO of PolishedCrete. “This was from a study by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation comparing the energy and environmental impacts of several flooring materials. They pronounced carpet to be the worst.”
Other notable call-outs in the report include a review of vinyl flooring which like synthetic carpet, is made with petroleum. Vinyl flooring is made of PVC (polyvinylchloride), which is derived from petroleum. Aside from its problematic source, the main environmental issue is that it offgasses dioxin, a carcinogen.
“The Center for Health, Environment & Justice called vinyl flooring an environmental nightmare, yet people are still installing it as well,” said Doyle. “I think they can only be looking at the short term costs and not the long term effects or even the overall cost of the flooring solution. When you factor in maintenance and then replacement, other solutions like polished concrete are much more efficient and healthy.”

In addition to carpet and vinyl, the report covers tile, wood, terrazzo, aggretex, epoxy and polished concrete. Generally, the natural flooring solutions did better overall though some are not as cost effective as some of the man made products. In one sidebar, a university study noted the eco friendliness of polished concrete and the Life Cycle Cost for Floor Finishes comparison chart shows polished concrete as the most cost effective solution when looking at the total cost in a comparable manner.

The 14 page report is free and can be downloaded from the PolishedCrete website at

About PolishedCrete
PolishedCrete ( was created in 2000 as a superior flooring system designed to diamond grind, diamond hone, and diamond polish concrete surfaces. Today, with over 1 million square feet of polished concrete installed, PolishedCrete has grown into one of the largest commercial contractors for polished concrete in California. PolishedCrete works with clients that want a beautiful, durable and cost effective flooring solution like Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Target, Bloomberg, as well as many schools, hospitals, government agencies and high-end residential clients.

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