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PolishedCrete Installs Award Winning Industrial Maintenance Facility Floor for Caltrans


Concrete Construction magazine chose the San Francisco Bay Bridge Caltrans maintenance facility as the winner of the 2015 Polished Concrete Award. Bay Area Concretes’ PolishedCrete division,  installed the new floors at the Caltrans SFOBB, a new 30,000 square foot building located on the Oakland side of the Bay Bridge.

polished concrete floor at SFOBBSFOBB is a primary maintenance facility for Caltrans fleet of heavy equipment and vehicles. PolishedCrete installed the RetroPlate polish system on this job and added Welsh Slate as a coloring.

“Caltrans was looking for a floor that was going to stand up to heavy use, be stain resistant and easy to clean and maintain,” said Jonathon Vasquez COO of Bay Area Concretes. “This is a high traffic area with lots of Caltrans service trucks and equipment running through the shop. We installed 11,000 square feet of polished concrete bringing the finish up to 800 grit diamond polish to meet the specifications of the floor.”

The work was completed in ten days and included moving storage racks and patching cracks with MM-80 Metzger McGuire industrial joint filler. The project covered the oil storage room, parts and tool room and the main service bays.

The maintenance facility required flooring up to par with their world class standards, and polished concrete was the best option due to its durability and high reflective gloss level while still achieving the slip coefficient they were shooting for.

Concrete Construction is published by Hanley Wood one of the largest media companies serving the design and construction industry.

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