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Stained Gray Concrete Floors for Office Space

In this office we are going to go with regular gray concrete as the final finish and demo and prep was carpet removal and carpet glue as well.  Sometimes, when dealing with an existing vinyl tile floor we get some nice squares that can make for a very interesting almost tile-like pattern after we polish the concrete. Under the carpet was another unique floor.

The concrete subfloor had some cracks and some divots and some things that we patched. Although they wanted to stay in a concrete gray theme, the concrete gray that was a little too much on the creamy gray side for a floor. We went darker, more of a welsh slate style gray as you can see, this floor came out very nice.

The floor is a deep, rich gray and here’s something that you should really note; with structural slabs in office buildings, many times and especially, if they’re tilt-ups, the walls are constructed on a big, thick footing. This thick footing that is poured prior to the main foundation slab. And this was poured, maybe days later, maybe a month later, maybe two months. As you can see in the video, the tonal differences are such that it’s noticeable in the final finish.

This is kind of a standard reveal that we have in a polished concrete floors, where the structural areas of the floor that were poured separately don’t always match the foundation, but at the end of the day, it’s industrial in its unique look and it is still polishes up to a beautiful concrete floor that is virtually maintenance free.

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