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Testing Two New Colors For Staining Floors Before Polishing the Concrete

Testing Two New Colors For Staining Floors Before Polishing the Concrete

These are two new colors we are testing out an ocean blue and more of a canary yellow.  At PolishedCrete we always test out new colors, products and processes in our warehouse before ever showing something to a client. Granted, all floors are different so we always push to do a sample on the client’s floor. In fact, some jobs require several samples as the original concrete may have come from different sources or have been poured and finished at different times by different crews. You will also run into situation where different concrete is used for the load bearing walls than is used for the majority of the floor. That is all going to affect how the floors react to colors and the polishing process.

Blue concrete floor
The blue is a reactive concrete stain. This part of the floor was only polished to a 200-grit diamond level and then finished with a liquid guard which was sprayed on and then trawled with a microfiber brush. This particular guard is made to repel liquids including oil and is great for auto dealerships and also food service facilities. Although the guard takes 24 hour to completely dry, within an hour it was already repelling a liquid left on the surface for 15 minutes (you don’t want to let any standing water or liquid on the floor for 24 hours). By comparison, before we polished the floor, our water test was absorbed almost immediately. We always do a water test on the floor before we begin…every floor is different! The image above is the final beautiful product.


polished concrete retrocanary

The Canary yellow stain also came out very nice feeling rich and warm. On this we used a different guard and also polished it up to 200 grit with the diamond polishing pads. We then used a burnishing machine which is different from buffing (more on that later). The guard we used on this floor would be what we use in a non-corrosive environment. We plan on polishing the floor up and will post the pictures here as we do.


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