The advantages of concrete polishing for floors are significant, especially considering that a properly polished concrete floor will last more than 40 years.

According to industry averages, that means that a similarly carpeted floor will be replaced at least 4 times and that a similar hardwood floor will be replaced once and completely sanded and refinished two more times.

The landfill impact; the embodied energy involved in manufacturing, transporting and installing the carpeting or wood; the higher maintenance costs; and the impact of refinishing the wood are significantly more impactful than dealing with the one-time slurry/dust issue of the polishing process. And by utilizing wet/dry method, the dust issue itself becomes minimal and there are even reuse options for the slurry within the concrete industry such as cleaning product for concrete pumps and filler.

6 years
of Carpet Use
10 years
of Vinyl Tile Use
40 years
of Polished Concrete Floor Use!
$.84 cost/year
of Carpet Ownership
$2+ cost/year
of Vinyl Tile Ownership
$.63 cost/year
of Polished Concrete Floor Ownership!
Floor Finish Installed Maintenance Expected 40 Year Cost
  Cost Cost/Year Life (Yrs) Comparison Per Year
Polished Concrete $5.00 $0.50 40 $25.00 $0.63
Carpet $3.22 $0.65 6 $33.51 $0.84
Poured Epoxy $8.18 $0.59 10 $33.73 $0.84
Man-Made Hardwood $9.58 $0.60 25 $34.30 $0.86
Stained Concrete $12.40 $0.60 40 $36.40 $0.91
Marble $21.00 $0.59 40 $44.60 $1.12
Portland Cement Terrazzo $32.00 $0.57 40 $54.80 $1.37
Sheet Vinyl $6.90 $1.75 10 $82.68 $2.07
Quarry Tile $6.83 $1.90 40 $82.83 $2.07
Glazed Ceramic Floor Tile $7.00 $1.90 40 $83.00 $2.08
Glazed Porcelain $8.34 $1.90 40 $84.34 $2.11
Vinyl Tile Flooring $4.50 $2.00 10 $91.10 $2.28
Natural Hardwood $9.31 $2.23 40 $98.51 $2.46

Source: Flooring Comparison Report 2017 (get your free copy here!)


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