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Maintaining Your Polished Concrete Floors

Maintaining Your Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete flooring surfaces do not require extensive maintenance and periodic cleaning with wit mop and mild, neutral ph cleaners are all you need. Depending on the size of your floor and the traffic mild cleaner applied with an auto scrubber should keep it clean.

Polished concrete if installed properly, is stain resistant but you should never let fluids especially oil, paint or an acidic liquid sit on the floor for any length of time. Unlike traditional floor finishes, such as carpet, terrazzo, marble or vinyl tile, polished concrete does not require a lot of maintenance. Procedures such as waxing, sealers, shampooing and regular burnishing are not necessary. Diamond polished concrete results in the industry’s lowest life cycle costs of ownership compared to other flooring solutions.

If a polished concrete floor does get to looking shabby, we have a rejuvenation solution called Rejuve Floor Service that can bring the floors back to like-new condition.


  • Utilize neutral pH cleaners or a recommended cleaner.
  • Clean incidental spills quickly to avoid dwell time and staining issues.
  • Remove abrasive materials such as sand to avoid a loss of gloss from the ongoing abrasion.
  • Utilize diamond or abrasive impregnated pads to maintain the sheen if floor become dull or as advised by the polished floor installer.

We use a protective penetrating guard on newly polished concrete, concrete toppings and for restoring existing surfaces. This gives surfaces high gloss, increased abrasion and resistance, while lowering maintenance costs. Burnishing the surface using a diamond impregnated pad will create a high gloss finish with excellent wear and properties and extended life.

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