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Polished Concrete Floor Graphics, Logos and Colors

Polished concrete is available in a range of colors, exotic glass and aggregates, decorative saw cuts, topically applied stains or dyes, color in the concrete itself, Aggretex and increased aggregate exposure are all options when designing polished concrete flooring.

Dependent upon desire and budget, very high end/refined looking installations associated most commonly with terrazzo or natural stone flooring are achievable. The fluid nature of concrete allows for design possibilities not found with other floor covering options. PolishedCrete is a licensed installer of custom polishing systems. PolishedCrete offers a wide variety of custom options and it’s own proprietary system of installation.

Logos and Business Graphics

Lots of big brands like Harley Davidson, KFC, the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders are stenciling their logos into their concrete floors. Now that same technique can be done for medium and even smaller businesses and organizations. A quick Google search on the subject of logos will return hundreds of examples from all types and sizes of businesses even churches.

With the endless capabilities of computer-generated stencils (see the concrete logo stencil example to see how multiple sections are brought together to create large concrete images) that can capture any image and allow you or any artist to design stunning works of art. Some decorative contractors have these capabilities in-house but that’s not even necessary as you can use several online sources with many offering art design assistance as well. Just bring your creative ideas and they can provide the exact stencil you need.

Modello Designs ( is just one of many options to source your stencil but it is always best to find a reputable, experienced decorative concrete contractor first and work through the project because you only get one chance to get it right.

“Contractors that specialize in this kind of work may also have stock stencils already available,” says Michael Price of PolishedCrete. “We have several pretty popular designs that are reusable and can help make a great impression ever without customization. But I have to say, whenever we go to a 49ers game, we see lots of people lining up to take their pictures on the giant 49ers logo out front. That’s great brand exposure because people then tweet and post to their Facebook so the exposure is amplified greatly.”

Franchise, corporate campuses and really any organization with multiple buildings can benefit from an investment in a set of stencils so they can reuse them over and over. Logos are a great example of a concrete floor stencil that can be reused.

But stencils are just one of a lot of options to get the decorative signage or art for your floor. We mentioned Aggretex ( which is a patented system for installing beautiful exotic aggregates and recycled glass aggregates into the surface of full thickness concrete slabs. Micro toppings are another option where a very thin concrete overlay is applied that bonds to the existing floor or a new concrete slab. Micro toppings are designed to produce an exceptionally smooth and precise troweled finish that can give you a “blank canvas” for your decorative concrete floor.

Metal suspensions, saw cuts and hand engraving are also commonly used by highly skilled architectural concrete artisans. This example is a portion of a much larger design using a combination of metal suspensions, color and decorative aggregate inlays that were then honed and revealed to create an amazing decorative concrete outdoor flooring surface.

Colors are often an important design element when it comes to logos and although a simple etched stenciled design on a natural concrete surface looks clean and classy, often clients want to step it up with their logo colors or colors that bring an artistic design to life. For stencil based designs, often concrete dyes or water-based stains are used which give tremendous options and also can be done with quick drying materials. As always, make sure your contractor has extensive experience in color techniques and shows you samples from your existing concrete if it is not a new pour as these coloring solutions often react with the concrete so colors may vary.

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