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Retailers Continue to Take Advantage of Beauty and Costs Savings of Refurbished Concrete Floors

PoliConcrete Floor at JC Penny

PoliConcrete Floor at JC Penny

JC Penny is the latest large retailer that is giving its stores a facelift with polished concrete floors  by PolishedCrete’s west coast division headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The JC Penny store in Serramonte Center located in Daly City California chose to go with a natural gray concrete floor which looks beautiful when polished and further reduces costs by forgoing any acid stain coloring.

“Retail is always unique because they want the floors refinished at night after they have closed for the day,” said Jonathon Vasquez PolshedCrete’s COO.  “The nice thing about our polishing system is that there is no need to cover up all the merchandise to protect it from dust. The PolishedCrete system is self-contained and filters out all of the dust from the process.”

Polishing existing concrete floors is one the most cost effective ways to get a custom, contemporary look that will continue to save money over the life of the building. With the PolishedCrete system a refinished polished concrete floor is virtually maintenance free…forever.

In addition to department stores, PolishedCrete has done grocery stores, warehouse stores, restaurants and just about every other type of retail establishment around. “There is so much concrete under bad tiles, carpeting and vinyl floor covering that can easily be turned into very decorative, no maintenance, store floors that people love to look at,” added Vasquez. “Retail, along with commercial office space, schools, hospitals, manufacturing, you name it, where there’s an ugly concrete floor or subfloor, we can make it beautiful for not a lot of money.”

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