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What is Polished Concrete

As we said “We define concrete polishing as the mechanical and chemical refinement of a concrete surface (or floor slab) to a pure form with diamond studded abrasive pads, pressure and rotational speed. The natural concrete floor will then provide a beautiful, long – lasting surface. This beautiful, durable surface takes away the need for tile, carpets or any other additional surface that requires expensive maintenance, use of harsh (polluting) cleaning chemicals and eventual replacement.”

Many people think of “polished concrete” as just a shiny concrete floor. Although that can be the ultimate result, you can also achieve that look (albeit for a very limited time) with special finishes and even waxes. These surfaces are then burnished to bring out a “high-gloss” but that quickly fades and fails.

Some people also consider any concrete that is chemically densified (hardened) and then burnished to a very high gloss to be polished concrete. Again, that will look good but only for a short time. The cost will be very low but so will the longevity of that nice finish. When price, not quality and longevity, is the primary determinant, this may be what is installed. It is not polished concrete though.

The PolishedCrete System focuses on a strict methodology that includes stripping, prepping, grinding, densifying and polishing in order to provide the best quality floor that maximizes appearance, durability, low maintenance and lower cost for the lifetime for that floor.

This page will explain that process but please call us with any questions or to schedule a consultation to discuss your individual needs.

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At PolishedCrete, we have installed millions of square feet of polished, decorative, environmental and specialty concrete on projects across northern and central California over the last 50+ years. We work closely with architects, designers, contractors and building owners and operators from the private and public sectors. Please use this short form to send your request right to the inbox of our top estimating consultants. We'll be back with you generally within one business day. Thanks!