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Why Choose PolishedCrete® for Your Polished Concrete Flooring Project

Why Choose PolishedCrete® for Your Polished Concrete Flooring Project

PolishedCrete® was developed in 2000, as a complete process for revitalizing and rejuvenating existing concrete floors and making new concrete floors beautiful, durable and cost effective versus other flooring solutions.

The PolishedCrete process has been used on millions of square feet of concrete to transform new and old concrete slabs and floors into durable and decorative surfaces.

Discerning homeowners as well as some of the most well-known brands in the country reply on PolishedCrete to enhance their floors using our cost-effective system that generates consistent results on every job.

That’s why organizations like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Bank of America, Eve Saint Laurent, Facebook and Twitter all have thousands of square feet of PolishedCrete installed. And yes we have plenty of celebrity home owners whose names we can’t share but are familiar names around the globe from executives to sports super stars.

The PolishedCrete Floor Polishing System is constantly innovated and improved to stay state-of-the-art and uses a proprietary combination of surface preparation, diamond grinding, concrete hardening (densification), diamond polishing, and sealing guard.

PolishedCrete is a certified Concrete Polishing Association of America installer with the highest certification levels and more installed square feet than most installers combined.

Our design and field installation teams are some of the most experienced craftsmen in the business and constantly receive new training. Over the years, we have been honored with many design awards as well as recognition from the trade media.

Whether your floors are new, old and damaged, residential, commercial or industrial, PolishedCrete can handle the project and deliver a beautiful floor that is easy to maintain and do it all at a lower cost than most of the other flooring options.

Finally, polished concrete is very eco-friendly but we take that to the next level and are proud to work with you on LEEDs or other sustainable programs.

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At PolishedCrete, we have installed millions of square feet of polished, decorative, environmental and specialty concrete on projects across northern and central California over the last 50+ years. We work closely with architects, designers, contractors and building owners and operators from the private and public sectors. Please use this short form to send your request right to the inbox of our top estimating consultants. We'll be back with you generally within one business day. Thanks!