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ConstructionPros: Bill Graham Auditorium Polished Concrete Floor Job

ConstructionPros: Bill Graham Auditorium Polished Concrete Floor Job

PolishedCrete and Bay Area Concretes (polished concrete floor and decorative and site divisions respectively) we highlighted in a recent story appearing in For Construction Pros covering the recent transformation of an epoxy floor disaster in the iconic music center.

The bottom line? A great look, a well-satisfied client, and achievement of cost containment.

The auditorium had a persistent and ugly concrete flooring problem. Fellow DSSG member, Ogden Contract Interiors, Inc. of San Francisco was tasked with solving this problem. They called in PolishedCrete to assess, evaluate, and recommend a solution. After the meeting a proposal was created and samples were made to get client approval. The whole process went off without a hitch and a problem floor (moisture issues–not uncommon in the San Francisco Bay Area) was rejuvenated into a building highlight.
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Polished concrete floors are quite popular for high traffic areas especially ones with heavy use such as event centers and performing arts venues. PolishedCrete also recently rejuvenated the old concrete slab at Blanco the urban events venue in San Jose California.

Bill Graham (born Wulf Wolodia Grajonca, January 8, 1931 – October 25, 1991) was a German-American impresario and rock concert promoter from the 1960s until his death in 1991 in a helicopter crash. On July 4, 1939 he was sent from Germany to France to escape the Holocaust. At age 10 he settled in a foster home in the Bronx, New York. Graham graduated from DeWitt Clinton High School and from City College with a business degree.

In the early 1960s, he moved to San Francisco, and, in 1965, began to manage the San Francisco Mime Troupe. He had teamed up with local Haight Ashbury promoter Chet Helms and Family Dog, and their network of contacts, to organize a benefit concert, then promoted several free concerts. This eventually turned into a profitable full-time career and he assembled a talented staff. Graham had a profound influence around the world, sponsoring the musical renaissance of the ’60s from the epicenter, San Francisco. Chet Helms then Bill Graham made famous the Fillmore and Winterland Arena; these turned out to be a proving grounds for rock bands and acts of the San Francisco Bay area including the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and Big Brother and the Holding Company with Janis Joplin, who were first managed, and in some cases developed, by Chet Helms.

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